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Warriors, Cavs help students win in math class

As the Cavaliers and Warriors prepare to take the court to determine the 2016 NBA champion, nearly 400 students in the Cleveland and the Bay area are on their way to being math champions, thanks to the help of players from both teams.

Remembering Muhammad Ali

As two presidents, a king, numerous Muslim leaders, a Protestant minister, two Rabbis, a Mormon, several government officials and foreign dignitaries and a cadre of celebrities and actors gather Friday with tens of thousands of others to pay ...

HBCUs and Negro League Baseball: an Untold Story

By Autumn A. Arnett The best untold story of Black baseball in the United States is the one in which the pursuit of a higher education was front and centerfield in the lives of many Black baseball players. “When we go back and we look at the ...

Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and the Stifled Voice of the 21st Century Athlete

By Autumn A. Arnett There’s not a lot of reason to talk about Malcolm X on a sports site. But today is his birthday, he is one of my favorite historical figures and I’ve been reading a book that details his relationship with another ...

In Division I Competition, You Get What You Pay For

By William J. Broussard, PhD USA Today recently published its annual report on 2014-2015 NCAA Division I athletic department revenues and expenses.  A cursory scan of the report reveals nothing especially alarming to ardent followers of HBCU ...